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Grapes - With this trick they get bigger

To get bigger grapes, you have to jump over your shadow. Our trick reveals which measure is decisive for this.

Thin out the wine -

Wine in your own garden is a real eye-catcher. Because the wine is an excellent climbing plant, grows very densely after just a few years, so it is also suitable as a privacy screen or natural roof. Not to forget the delicious grapes.

If you have found a sunny location for your wine, you can start harvesting the grapes from September. However, the yield may decline over the years. This is mostly because the plant is too big. Your task is now to thin out the wine, i.e. to cut it back down to the wood.

Trick for larger grapes

To get bigger grapes, you have to jump over your shadow. The wine forms the vines in spring and the first small berries can be seen in May or June. If this is the case, you should take a closer look at the wine. If he carries a large number of vines, then this is a sign that he is doing well, but also a sign that the berries are not particularly large - there are simply too many.

To optimize the size you have to use the scissors and cut off some vines. Courage, you will be rewarded with much larger and tastier berries.

We have had particularly great success with the grape variety from this nursery.

Extra tip: Protect the grape harvest from insect damage
Anyone who has been growing grapes for a long time knows the problem: the largest berries are of no use if they have been eaten by wasps beforehand. To effectively prevent this problem, it is recommended to put the grapes in organza bags. They cost little money, are reusable for years, and provide particularly effective protection.